COMMONLABS is a brand that focuses on the essence of good skincare, better skincare, and finds its own "power" and "energy."

What we focused most on in this renewal project was the expertise and differentiation of Common Labs, and the "show" of their special "values."

Brand Core, as well as Visual Identity, has built their own definite identity system, free from the obvious and boring things they have seen somewhere.


Symbols are a combination of "C" and "dot" in COMMONLABS to create a simple representation of magnifying glass. It's a symbol that captures the meaning of the naming. It implies [daily + study, close + interested, friendly, analyzed, carefully]


We developed a graphic with various movements and shapes under the concept of "Kinetic."

While showing expertise, this graphic shows the efficacy and ingredients of a product at once. These graphics are used in various places as the signature of each product of COMMONLABS.

At this time, we established a layout system that can be applied according to the size and ratio of the product as a device to show various graphics uniformly.

Commonlabs Brand Identity & Packaging Design, Branding 1

Visual Story&Concept, Identity Design, Packaging Design