Brand Story

DARLCHA is a premium tea brand based on the Korean "Gyeongokgo" recipe. It provides different recipes for different functions in the morning, lunch, and evening to suit the modern life cycle. We want to create a healthy beverage culture without caffeine.


Neat and restrained beauty, purity, and balance are the values that DARLCHA considers the most important. DARLCHA's drink also has such values. Various ingredients are harmoniously combined to create a pure, subtle, and deep taste.

The aesthetics of Joseon based on Neo-Confucianism emphasize inner beauty. They pursue clean, pure, and restrained beauty rather than colorful. The moon jar is one of the most representative white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty and contains pure and restrained beauty.

A moon jar is made by connecting two lumps together. If you look at the moon jar quietly, you can feel the beauty of the balance between symmetry and asymmetry. We tried to approach the restrained beauty, purity, and balance of the moon jar from a modern perspective.

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