Mojerim Doctor is a hair product brand that contains 20 years of know-how from Mojerim, a hair loss/hair clinic.

The most important thing was to melt a high-quality image that matched the image of the industry's No. 1 hospital into the product.

Rather than simple luxury, the goal was to make the user feel visual+experience completeness, with delicate expression and high level of detail.


At the beginning of the project, Mojelim proposed an image of a  complex city, a dense forest, Gothic architecture with fine detail.We judged that the luxury we did not express was appropriate and we wanted to develop patterns that symbolized each product to maintain visual impact and overall consistency with minimal detail and place them unnoticed everywhere.

Packaging Structure

There was a request from Mozelim to develop a "special and safe package" so that the pump could not be damaged during delivery.
There were several constraints in the development, such as unit price reduction and minimization of the use of the rich
Thus, we developed the box structure itself that can protect the pump using only the paper from the box itself. 

You can use the wings of the box to wrap the pump in triple layers and open it by ripping off the outside like a cookie.
After many tests, we were able to produce the product.

Gift Box

Mojelim asked for the "ripping off" details to be applied to the gift box as well.
We pondered what would be the most memorable, effective structure for consumer by taking ripping action.

Gift box Deliver the experience of all packages being opened simultaneously through a single "ripping off" action.

It's a structure where all the packages are spread out like a bag off gifts.

The thickness and strength of the material were checked in advance to ensure usability and durability.

Mojerim Dr Packaging Design 2

Packaging Design&Structure Development