ONULHOI is a mobile/web service that delivers quality seasonal seafood to our table with a click.  
In the meantime, we had to go to the fish market or country of origin to choose good seafood. We can eliminate this hassle and enjoy fresh, delicious seafood.


In the early days of the project, today’s table called for a complete differentiation from the existing marine product delivery service. Rather than stressing the "fastness" of existing delivery services, he wanted to emphasize the feeling of eating dinning at home and eating fresh fish. So today's BI was developed as the motif of the fisherman's hand, the cook's hand and the server's hand.Rather than directly expressing the speed of the service as "straight-forward" and expressing the freshness of the sea as "Blue", We used hand and the color contrasted with the existing service of today's different service

Package System

The ONULHOI items vary widely in more than 50 varieties and are subdivided into fish, shellfish and so on.
It was important to systematize, categorize, and design packages consistently.
Rather than printing all more than 50 different types of packages, the combination of sleeves and cards allowed them to respond to all suites with minimal printing.

ONULHOI Brand Identity & Packaging System Design, Branding 3

Visual Story&Concept, Identity Design, Packaging System