TANGERINE AND YOU is a tangerine farm located in Seogwipo, JEJU Island, KOREA. It is one of the farms that takes care of the quality of tangerines meticulously using the Tyvek farming method. They have a variety of tangerine products, including tangerine juice and tangerine malaeng. They contain the sunshine, wind, warm heart and sincerity of JEJU Island.

We developed their own typefaces and used them throughout the brand. The handwriting-like typeface gives a cute feeling due to the large margin between strokes.


The symbol of the TANGERINE AND YOU was developed with the motif of "POST STAMP". It uses the cute shape of tangerines and a special typeface to convey a cute and warm emotion. It also added a hand-drawn texture to the tangerine shape to highlight it.


It can be used by mixing a symbol's tangerine shape with a basket, one of the graphic elements. The graphic can remind you of a basket full of tangerines. The number and size of the tangerine shapes used in the graphic are freely used.

Tangerine And You Brand Identity & Packaging Design, Branding 3

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