TEA REPERTOIRE is a premium tea brand located in the UK. 

The branding operation later led to the design of TEA REPERTORIRE's own special T-ware package.

At the beginning of the project, TEA REPERTORIRE wanted their own speciality. 

When you think of the packaging of a regular teacup or kettle, you usually think of a package with a picture of the product. 

To avoid this obvious design, we came up with our own TEA REPERTORIRE expression.


Most of the TEA WEARs in TEA REPERTORIRE are made of glass, reminiscent of fragile, clean images. The form is also graceful.
To capture this form well, the overall silhouette of the tee-ware is expressed as a line-ilist.
It also used a warm tone color as a whole to express the warmth that is transmitted when tea is placed in the teaware.
Line Illustration is expressed in gold foil in the package, allowing the delivery of a more luxurious image.

Tea Repertoire Teawear 3

Packaging Design&Structure Development